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the only way is ethics


As advertisers and film makers we are among the most influential people on this planet. Politicians, gods, toilet-makers all hire us for a reason. We tell people how to think and what to feel. We decide what's cool, what's funny, what's normal. This is kinda problematic.

At stormlight, our ethics are the backbone of everything we do. And it’s not just talk - we’re queer-owned, female-majority, and led by two disabled vegans. We love to tick those boxes. Our passion lies in creating consciously ethical works for earth positive clients and empowering female, LGBTQ+, disabled and minority voices to succeed in the film and advertising industry.

Getting down to specifics, here's what stormlight is committed to:

Proud members of the Conscious Advertising Network

We hire at least 50% talented female directors across our projects (We're also actively seeking to employ capable female crews in other traditionally male roles)


We pay for childcare for any staff, cast or crew that needs it on any of our productions regardless of size. Lack of childcare cripples many people's chances at career progression - we make sure it never stands in the way of someone making it to set.


We all need days to mind a sick child, partner, goldfish or to binge on The Bachelor for 11 hours before writing the winning pitch the night before. That's cool, for our staff it's their business whether they wear pants one day per week.


We've developed mentor programmes with our Heads of Departments with a particular emphasis on female, LGBTQ+, disabled and minority voices. If that describes you & you’d be interested in applying for our mentor programme, give us a shout!


We offer serious discounts for charities and nonprofits. We also donate at least one pro-bono campaign a year and give 5% of our profits to charity.


We don't work on campaigns supporting Whale Hunting, Seal Clubbing, Badger Baiting, Fox Culling, Dog Eating, Cow Killing, Milk Stealing or with anyone that derives their profits from any of our non human buddies. #TeamOatMilk for life.


The weather here is crap enough already, so by 2024 stormlight and our productions will be carbon neutral.


We’ve joined the Conscious Advertising Network to make sure our ads align with ethical and progressive values.

We're still making money for us and you.

You probably recycle. You probably value your daughter as much as your son. You probably love your pets. We're just encouraging our clients and our clients' clients to think like you do.

We strongly believe that ethical business is the only way forward, and if it's good enough for the FTSE4Good it's gonna be really good for your business too.

Now someone pass us the vegan wine already.

Don't be shy.
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